11 of 11 - PAC Doverie is once again the pension insurance company of the year, in the category of pension insurance

PAC Doverie took the winner's statuette in the "Additional mandatory pension insurance" category for the 11th time in a row. The awarding ceremony for the best companies in the field of insurance and supplementary pension insurance for 2021 was held on 19.05.2022, in the Marinela Hotel, Sofia.


Organizers of the event are the Prof. Dr. Veleslav Gavriyski Foundation, the Higher School of Insurance and Finance, the Bulgarian Association of Insurance Brokers (BAIB) and the Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Security Companies (BASPSC).


PAC Doverie has been a constant winner of this award since its establishment in 2010. The prize was presented to Daniela Petkova, Chairperson of the Company's management board, by Diana Yordanova, deputy Chairperson of the Financial Supervision Commission, who heads the "Insurance Supervision" department.


The distinction in the "Supplementary voluntary pension insurance" category went to "Allianz Bulgaria", and PIC "DSK-Rodina" was named the most dynamically developing company.


As every year, the Prof. Dr. Veleslav Gavriyski Foundation presented personal awards for overall contribution in the field of insurance and assurance. Stanislav Dimitrov, director of the "Insurance and pension provision" department of the Laboratory for Scientific and Applied Research of the Higher School of Insurance and Finance, entered the list of winners of the prestigious prize "For overall contribution to the development of insurance in Bulgaria". This list includes the names of three representatives of PAC Doverie - Daniela Petkova, Angelina Petrova and Miroslav Marinov.


This year, the "Insurer of the Year - General Insurance 2021" Award was awarded to ZEAD "BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP".