Employees of PAC Doverie participated in the "Caps for the Future" campaign

20 kg. caps were donated by PAC Doverie employees in the 10th "Caps for the Future" campaign, which took place on April 16 and 17, 2022. This year, the funds collected will be used to purchase and equip a second children's neonatal ambulance and the first mountain off-road ambulance for difficult terrains.


Over the years, the cause has generated strong public support and has now become a tradition. In 2022, an initiative involving hundreds of thousands of people took place in 30 bulgarian cities and managed to collect tens of tons of plastic caps, bottles and aluminum cans, the recycling of which generated the necessary funds for various charity actions.


The organizers indicated that the donors ranged from small children to pensioners. What they had in common was the enthusiasm with which they collected and donated caps to help people in need.