Employees of PAC Doverie participated in the planting of a forest in memory of Vladimir Dimitrov - The Master

Employees of PAC Doverie joined the volunteer initiative to plant a fruit forest in the village of Studena, near Pernik. The event, organized by Gorata.Bg, took place on March 27, 2022 and was dedicated to the great Bulgarian artist Vladimir Dimitrov – The Master. Hundreds of people from all over the country took part in the planting of the forest of cherries, quinces, plums and apples.


PAC Doverie has more than once expressed its sympathy for voluntary actions, as well as for the protection of nature. Over the years, the "100,000 e-mail addresses for 1,000 new trees" campaign was created, initiated in order to reduce the number of paper statements that the Company sends to its customers each year.


Giving permition to receive a statement electronically enables a secure and flexible relationship with customers and reduces the risks of loss, mishandling of the letter, as a result of a changed or incorrect address and other possible postal delivery problems. Along with this, the use of paper and ink is also reduced in this way, which is good for nature and the environment.


Anyone who wishes to refuse receipt of paper statement can do so by visiting one of the PAC Doverie offices across the country to fill out the necessary annex or contract for this. The company will continue to encourage this effort and will plant one tree or bush for every 1,000 e-mail addresses, as part of its corporate social responsibility and sustainable development policy.