Miroslav Marinov: "Bulgaria is a top destination for start-up projects"

"Bulgaria is a top destination for start-up projects. We can say that we are one of the "white swallows" in Europe according to this indicator". This was stated by Miroslav Marinov, executive director of PAC Doverie, during this year's edition of the INVESTOR FINANCE FORUM. 


According to him, our country, although small in size, can become an incubator for interesting ventures, an example of which is the extremely successful development of the Internet network in the country in the past.


"We have already shown that we can be a leader in a certain economic niche on the Old Continent", commented Marinov. 


He added that the financial sector is highly regulated, especially after 2008, but nevertheless everything is developing very dynamically. In addition, the Green Deal, of which decarbonisation is a part, requires a lot of investment to adapt the economies of different countries to the new reality. The policies of the national banks are also in this direction. 


INVESTOR FINANCE FORUM, which takes place with the support of PAC Doverie, is the largest event of the financial and investment community in the region. For the twelfth consecutive year, the conference brought together experts from the banking, finance and fintech sectors, capital markets and stock exchanges, as well as regulators. In various panels, financial industry leaders and experts shared their experiences on a variety of topics, including: recession; inflation; interest rate policy; growth opportunities and potential risks of economies in 2024; the new AI economy and more.