Miroslav Marinov: The Rate of return of pension funds for the last 10 years is positive

"The Rate of return achieved by capital pension funds in Bulgaria for the last 10 years has been positive", said Miroslav Marinov, Member of the Board and executive director of PAC Doverie, in the framework of a discussion on the occasion of the presentation of the Report on the activities of the funds for equity and venture capital in Southeast Europe. He expressed his optimism that through their investment activity, the pension funds could provide a stimulus for the development of this segment of the market, emphasizing the fact that the investments of the funds are regulated by law and there are a number of restrictions for them.


The event took place on 08.11.2022, at the Millennium Grand Hotel, Sofia city. The presented report reflects data for the past years and outlines the potential of Bulgaria as a destination for business, investment and entrepreneurship. It traces the development of private equity in Bulgaria and South Eastern Europe and some of the latest activities in the field of equity and venture investing, as well as an overview of the venture capital and entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region and their evolution.


The two most active institutional investors in Bulgaria - the European Investment Fund and the Fund of Funds - were also presented at the event, which outlined the possibilities for obtaining financing from start-up and innovative enterprises through their financial instruments.