PAC Doverie supported the forum "The Power of Investments. Alternatives and opportunities 2023"

PAC Doverie is a partner of the second edition of the financial forum "The Power of Investments. Alternatives and opportunities 2023", organized by The event took place on October 13, InterContinental Hotel, Sofia. 


Leading experts in the field of economics and finance participated in the forum and commented on current topics and various opportunities for investments in the Bulgarian and international capital markets, as well as investments in real estate, cryptocurrencies and many others.


In the third panel, the opinion of Bulgarian financial analysts and leading tradesmen was reflected on the most current challenges for the economy in 2023.


The first panel focused on the prospects and problems of the Bulgarian stock exchange - "Bulgarian capital market - prospects and opportunities. What should we expect in 2023?".

In the second panel - "International markets. Тhreats and opportunities in 2023" scenarios were outlined for the development of the markets of units, bonds, gold and other assets in 2023, as well as the potential threats for deepening the crisis. 

During the third panel "Alternative Investments - an opportunity for diversification in an uncertain environment", also were discussed topics such as cryptocurrencies and what their future holds; the extent to which property remains a must-have in portfolios and how investors can access the private capital markets.


At the end of the forum, a workshop was held on the topic "How to practically protect ourselves from inflation?".