The employees of PAC Doverie massively supported the 9th edition of the initiative "No Elevators Day"

The 9th edition of the European initiative  "No Elevators Day", which this year took place on April 26 (Wednesday), was enthusiastically supported by the employees of PAC Doverie.


On this day, in various buildings around Europe, including Bulgaria, part of the elevators and escalators were symbolically closed, and people were urged not to use them. 


This year, over 80% of office workers in the seven-story building of the Doverie business center chose to support the initiative and move around using the stairs. Of course, access to the elevators was completely free for those who, for whatever reason, could not or did not want to participate in the undertaking. 


 "No Elevators Day" is a project of the International Sports and Culture Association (ISCA) and its Bulgarian partner - BG "Be active". This initiative, which you can find out more about on the "Be active" website, is part of the campaign "NowWeMOVE", promoting physical activity.