Tokuda Bank will offer the pension insurance products of Pension Assurance Company Doverie

From 06.10.2021, Tokuda Bank will start offering in its offices the full range of pension insurance products of Pension Assurance Company Doverie, which includes - supplementary compulsory pension insurance and supplementary voluntary pension insurance in the general, professional and voluntary funds managed by the Company.

The insurance process is fully digitalized, fast and meets the requirements for information security and protection of personal data of insured persons. The signing of the required documents will take place in the Bank's offices, with an electronic signature, which is free of charge for the client.

Tokuda Bank is part of Tokushukay Incorporated, Tokyo, Japan, owner of 99.94% of the Bank's capital. The main shareholder of Tokushukay Inc. is Dr Torao Tokuda. The Bank offers financial products and services, with the primary purpose of partnering with customers in their plans and projects.