Employees of PAC Doverie once again participated in the "Caps for the Future" campaign

Once again, PAC Doverie employees handed over several dozen kilograms of plastic caps, in the 10th "Caps for the Future" campaign, which took place this month, in several Bulgarian cities. 


This time, all funds raised will be donated to purchase and equip a sixth children's ambulance. Since the inception of this initiative, donations have helped provide 22 incubators, 5 children's ambulances, and more than 40 medical devices. Help was provided to 40 hospitals throughout Bulgaria and more than 1,000 children's lives were saved. Thanks to the campaign, more than 1,000,000 kg plastic were recycled. 


Anyone who wishes can collect for transmission in the next editions of the noble cause plastic caps from all products that we use in our daily life - drinks (water, milk, beer, soft drinks, etc.); cosmetics and household chemicals (shower gel, shampoo, detergents, and softeners, etc.) and other caps, inside of which the number 2 or 5 inscribed in a triangle is printed. Plastic bottles and aluminum jugs are also accepted.