How we invest your savings

Pension Assurance Company Doverie invests the money of the socially insured persons in compliance with the following basic principles:


  • Rate of return and reliability: maximizing returns at a chosen relatively low level of risk and in line with the investment policies of the individual funds;


  • Diversification: using a wide range of investment instruments to protect against large losses, according to the principle "never putting all your eggs in one basket";


  • Investments within the law: strict compliance with the requirements of the Social Security Code aimed at greater security of the funds of insured persons.


The portfolios of the pension funds managed by Pension Assurance Company Doverie are well-diversified and balanced by asset type. The desired balance between expected yield and risk taken has been achieved in strict compliance with the legal restrictions. 


These results do not necessarily relate to future outcomes. The value of the pension funds' units may decrease in the future. Positive rate of return or keeping the full value of the funds contributed in the individual accounts during the period of insurance are not guaranteed.