PAC Doverie was a partner of BTA for the realization of the 18th World Meeting of the Bulgarian Media

"Media and freedom" was the theme of the 18th World Meeting of the Bulgarian Media, traditionally organized by the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency (BTA). 


The forum took place from June 1 to 4 in Kazanlak, the city celebrating the 120th anniversary of the Rose Festival these days.


PAC Doverie participated in the event, which was attended by journalists from 33 countries, including representatives of 40 Bulgarian media from 16 countries. 


According to Kiril Valchev, general director of BTA, today Bulgaria is a free country, because Bulgarians have the opportunity to continuously make choices. This is an opportunity that our contemporaries in the world do not have everywhere, and our ancestors did not always have throughout history.


The program of the forum discussed the topics: "Freedom of journalists", "Freedom of choice of the audience" and "Holidays in the media".


The World Meetings of the Bulgarian Media is a professional forum whose purpose is communication, building a network and establishing cooperative relationships between Bulgarian journalists from all over the world.


The first meeting was held in Sofia in 2005, and according to Kiril Valchev, the 19th will be held in Odessa, Ukraine.