Pension Assurance Company Doverie signed its first contract for deferred payment of funds

Pension Assurance Company Doverie signed today (02.09.2021) its first contract for deferred payment of funds to an insured person in GPF Doverie. The first client to whom we are pleased to start the payment of the sum collected in her personal account, for the term chosen by her, will receive 298 BGN for 16 months.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish her good health, much happiness and occasions for sincere smiles, and to enjoy best the pension she has earned through hard work and devotion!
In the meantime, we, Pension Assurance Company Doverie advise our clients to inform themselves about their rights. We believe that in this way they will make the best choice about how the amounts from their personal accounts will be paid.

"There are several payment options, including three types of life-time pensions. One needs to get the relevant information to guide them in deciding exactly which of the three types they prefer to start receiving. In recent months many people have referred to us - from those who are about to retire and we have informed them.

But the first phase, from people's point of view, is to get reliable and comprehensive information about their social insurance rights", Daniela Petkova, chairperson of the Board of Directors of Pension Assurance Company Doverie, told BNR earlier.